Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality services and support to our customers through unwavering integrity, commitment to hard work and communication, with a heart to serve for the betterment of our employees, clients and community.

Company Background

SMI was founded in January 2006 by Mark Spencer in Bartlesville, OK. Seeing a real need for a quality service management company that would provide committed quality service in many different venues, we are determined to strive for excellence in all areas of our business and to develop and maintain personalized service for all clients.

We train and promote management personnel, when and where practical, from within the company and maintain ethical standards and principles compatible with those of the client we serve.

SMI has a reputation for excellence in service and is blessed with great employees. We are excited for the future and believe it holds great opportunity for further advancement in the scope of services we provide as well as the network of customers we serve.