Our Commitment to Our Employees

Because we have and will continue to recognize our employees as one of our greatest assets, the long-term goals of SMI are:

  • To create and foster a climate in which employees are given a challenge and an opportunity to realize their full potential and the satisfactions which accompany achievement.
  • To staff each position in the Company with who we feel is the most capable individual available, utilizing the services of each employee in a position which offers an opportunity for usefulness and growth.
  • To compensate, when economic conditions allow, each employee in a way we feel is fair, based on our view of duties and responsibilities assigned, individual merit and prevailing community and industry standards.
  • To deal with each employee as a respected individual who is to be treated with courtesy and consideration, to be encouraged and assisted in progress, and to be informed regarding policies, objectives and achievements.

In return, we expect our employees to be loyal to the Company, to meet high standards in work performance, to cooperate with supervisors and coworkers, and to observe the rules and procedures of the company.

Employee Benefits

  • SMI is an Equal Opportunity / MFDV Employer
  • Competitive starting pay based on experience and qualifications
  • Direct-deposited paychecks every 2 weeks
  • Worker’s Compensation coverage — benefits provided by the company to provide for medical expenses in case of work related injury or illness
  • Paid holidays — New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are all provided as paid holidays for full-time and part-time employees
  • Vacation benefits — include a 1 week after 1 year of continuous full time employment
  • Performance Bonuses — at management discretion
  • Leaves of Absence — Personal leave, medical leave, military leave, funeral leave, jury duty and voting leave are all available to SMI employees

Interested in a career with Spencer Management?

SMI’s client base is always growing and with that comes the need to find quality candidates for various positions within the company. We are interested in finding experienced, hard working people to add to our team.

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Local job seekers are welcome to stop by our offices and complete a job application form as well.

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