Spencer Management provides a comprehensive customer service effort to promptly address customer needs. SMI’s management team achieves this by focusing on key standards including:

  • Consistent, proactive contact to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Quick response to client calls or emails
  • On-site inspections to monitor cleaning standards
  • Review of on-site log book
  • Regular customer surveys
  • Ability to quickly and effectively correct deficiencies
  • Email based work order system that delivers confirmation that a work order was received and completed
  • Access to our 24/7 Emergency Hotline. One phone call or email to Spencer Management can resolve virtually any issue with your facility.


Our team of SMI supervisors receive instruction from our management team on a daily basis. Our supervisors conduct regular and unannounced inspections of all our customers’ facilities. While on site, our supervisors conduct visual inspections and complete a written report on the condition of the building to ensure the agreed upon quality standards and requests of the client are being upheld. SMI supervisors meet with SMI cleaning and maintenance techs to discuss possible deficiencies and areas for improvement. Our supervisors are also available 24/7 to respond to calls placed to our emergency hotline and are well equipped as stand-ins for regular service.

Each SMI client, for jobs large and small, is assigned a devoted service manager. Your service manager will efficiently address any concerns or implement requested changes to your service. In the event a work order is submitted or project work is requested, your service manager will communicate with the client representative and help navigate the work/project to successful and satisfactory completion.


At Spencer Management, we firmly believe that excellence in communication is the cornerstone of success. Our management staff works hard to develop a fluid line of communication as well as build rapport with each client representative, so that needs are met quickly and efficiently.

We get the job done

Spencer Management knows the challenges you face in the maintenance, repair and overall operation of your facilities and physical assessments. In order to help our clients meet those challenges, we provide access to an all encompassing facilities management service. This means the solution to your problem is as simple as placing one phone call or email. SMI will then process the request and follow up to clarify details if and when needed, send confirmation of the work request via email, plan and schedule the work and see the job through to completion. Finalization of the job is confirmed by notification of job completion via our email work order system.

In the event a work request is beyond the scope of abilities of SMI staff, we will draw from our network of pre-qualified service vendors to complete the job. Our strong vendor relationships coupled with supervision and coordination of subcontractors allows us to guarantee quality work done on time, to the specifications requested, at a competitive rate.

Spencer Management is proud to offer a service that helps to defray the maintenance headaches associated with commercial facilities and allow business owners and their staff to direct more of their efforts to their customers.